Tourmaline & Herb Foot Detox Pads

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Everyday our bodies are exposed to harsh toxins from our environment which effect our health and overall well-being. Made with 100% all natural, vegan ingredients, our Tourmaline and Herb Foot Detox Pads are the easiest way to detox your body, while you sleep! 

Tourmaline is a precious mineral that aids in naturally detoxing the body while also strengthening both liver and kidneys. Next we added power packed herbs like ginger which act as an anti-inflammatory, boosting circulation, improving digestion and much, much more! 


1. Clean feet thoroughly 

2. Place the printed side of the foot pad in the center of adhesive sheet 

3. Attach foot pad to the arch of the foot 

4. Leave in place for 6-8 hours, for ease, use overnight. 

5. Remove in the morning and dispose.

6. Do not use the same pad twice.  


-naturally safe way to alleviate toxins 
-improves sleep

-reduces foot odor 

-improves blood circulation 

-aids in strengthening the immune system 

-relieves stress, pain and swelling 

-boosts vitality & energy 


*Each pouch contains 8 detox pads*


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