Serenity Sage Herbal Healing Massage Butter Candle


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Serenity Sage Herbal Healing Massage Butter Candles are an all-in-one supporting aromatherapy, meditation, massages and energy work. 

Our 8 oz. candles are infused with essential oils, dry herbs and all natural Aventurine; you’ll experience the benefits within moments of lighting these candles. 

Serenity Sage Herbal Healing Massage Butter Candles assist in balancing and cleansing energy, aids in air purification, more restful sleep, releasing tension or simply unwinding after a long day. 

Hand poured from our environmentally friendly beeswax blend, our herbal healing candles are sustainable sourced; they also release no toxins or chemicals when burning due to their led-free cotton wick which result in slower scent release and less soot. 

Once lit, let the candle burn for 10-15 minutes, at minimum, allowing for a sizable pool of oil to form. As the candle burns, it will begin to transform your space, opening it up and inviting healing in. Blow out the candle when ready, pouring the oil directly into your hands. Rub your hands together and massage into your skin for moisturizing benefits. 

The Serenity Sage Herbal Healing Candle is the idea addition to your Self-Care Routine, maximizing your aromatherapy and elevating your holistic healing. 

Additionally, our candles may be used during meditations, affirmations, healing rituals, reiki sessions, Chakra balancing and more! 

As always, 100% of the profit from the sales of our products allow us to facilitate our Community Wellness Program at no cost to disproportionately disadvantaged communities. 

Customer Reviews

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It smells amazing!

As soon as I opened the lid of this candle, I fell in love with the smell. It's so comforting and the fact that the candle can be melted into body butter is such a huge plus. I've never seen a candle that has dried herbs and bits of crystals before and it's such a nice touch - you can feel the good vibes as it burns.

It's hard to find candles that have high-quality ingredients and this one definitely does. If you're thinking about it, please get this candle. You absolutely won't regret it.

Kelly Bender
Perfect candle for Clearing and Positive Energy

This candle is beautiful and has a great natural scent and super clean burn! I love the green aventurine stones and dry herbs on top. This is a high vibrational combination that really lifts my mood. I also love that it can be used as a massage medium as well, since the ingredients are all quality and natural. I haven't burnt it all the way down but it seems to be lasting impressively as well. Thank you for making this one!