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Refresh your fabric face mask with our organic Mask Mist, which also allows it to act as a diffuser, providing aromatherapy support throughout the day. 

Additionally, our Mask Mist contains aloe Vera juice and vitamin E oil to help soothe any irritations your mask may be causing your face. 

A daily aromatherapy support, our organic Mask Mist is safe for all ages making this a must have for everyone as we forge through this pandemic! 

As always, 100% of the profit from the sales of our products allow us to facilitate our Community Wellness Program at no cost to disproportionately disadvantaged communities. 

Grab yours today!! 

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Narvaez Manns
Right On Time

Given that it seems masks will be with us for a while, there is no better way to improve the act of wearing them than giving yourself some aromatherapy every time you put one on. You need to grab some to see for yourself.

Make your masks smells fresh

This product is so amazing. Because I have to wear masks at work, this product keeps my masks fresh all day. Im so glad Royally Fit created this product.