Snickerdoodle Massage Butter Candle

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Cinnamon sugar, honey butter and vanilla cream all blended into this decadent Snickerdoodle Massage Butter Candle!!

These candles are an all-in-one supporting aromatherapy, meditation, massages and energy work. 

Our 8 oz. candles are infused with essential oils, and all natural, organic ingredients so you’ll experience the benefits within moments of lighting these candles. 

Hand poured from our environmentally friendly beeswax, Shea and cocoa butter blend, our herbal healing candles are sustainable sourced; they also release no toxins or black smoke when burning and emit an enticing cracking sound due to their natural wooden wicks. 

Once lit, let the candle burn for 10-15 minutes, at minimum, allowing for a sizable pool of oil to form. As the candle burns, it will begin to transform your space, opening it up and inviting healing in. Blow out the candle when ready, pouring the oil directly into your hands. Rub your hands together and massage into your skin for moisturizing benefits. 

The Snickerdoodle Massage Butter Candle is the idea addition to you a romantic evening, self-care day or unwinding evening, maximizing your aromatherapy and elevating your holistic healing. 

Additionally, our candles may be used during meditations, affirmations, healing rituals, reiki sessions, Chakra balancing and more! 


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Amye Sledge
This product is worth it!

You should definitely go and buy this product the smell is perfect for fall and makes my house smell amazing!!!
Definitely get this product I love it!