Bright Eyes: Coffee Infused Under Eye Serum

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Bright Eyes: Coffee Infused Under Eye Serum is a must have for anyone who is plagued with dark circles, bags or puffy eyes!! 

Our all natural serum combines nutrient rich oils, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, moisturizing the most delicate parts of your face. Infused with fair trade organic Guatemalan coffee beans, you will be more refreshed after applying this roller to your skin. Naturally encouraging collagen production, Bright Eyes, boosts the skins elasticity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Continue using regularly for overall improvement in your skin! 

Organic Ingredients:

-Coconut oil

-Rose Hip Seed Oil

-Vitamin E Oil


-Sea Buckthorn

-Avocado oil

-Grape seed Oil

-Guatemalan Coffee Beans

-Pure essential oil blend. 

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Must have

This is a must have for every mom!! With little ones running around and a laundry list of never ending responsibilities, it’s easy to miss out on sleep. With this under eye roller, I never actually look like I haven’t slept in spite of how tired I may be. It keeps my glow, for sure.