Balance Body Magnesium Oil Spray


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A convenient means for topical application, our Balance Body Magnesium Oil spray  allows you to carry healing with you wherever you go! 

One of the primary ingredients in Balance Body is 100% pure magnesium, making it ideal for topical magnesium therapy, providing a potent dose of re-mineralization for your body. 

Apply Balance Body Magnesium Oil Spray for stress relief, relaxation, aids in relieving muscle cramps, improving nerve pain, improves sleep quality, eases headaches & migraines, soothes sore muscles, increases sense of energy, and supports muscle recovery.

Tips for use: 

*Apply liberally and regularly to clean skin

*You do not have to wipe off the oil, it will naturally absorb into the skin providing healing benefits. However, if you would prefer, feel free to wipe excess oil after the initial 20 min absorption time. 

*Feel free to dilute in instances of sensitivity. 

-Balanced Body Magnesium Oil Spray is water soluble therefore we recommend beginning with 1:1 ratios using purified water. 


**For external use only!! 

Customer Reviews

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Body aches

This is a must have for anyone who experiences chronic muscle aches and pains. It’s not a drug so it doesn’t kick in immediately but I definitely have less overall muscle pains as I’ve consistently been using it.