Self Care Coaching


                                                           Are you….


-disappointed in life but not sure what to do about it?

-full of untapped potential with no idea how to access it or what to do with it?

-always taking care of others with little time, energy or knowledge of how to do the same for yourself? 

-relatively healthy but know you aren’t at optimal health? 

-constantly tired while still having a seemingly endless list of tasks to accomplish? 


                                        Imagine a life where you…


-wake up looking forward to each day

-are full of energy, excitement and appreciation

-feel balanced at home, work and in your social life

-have a sense of fulfillment

-are glowing from the inside out


Why work with us to get the results you desire? 


Because our programs are based on emotional intelligence, the psychology of being happy, nutrition science and life experience. 


Because we work with other wellness professionals, you’re able to customize our coaching programs to focus on the aspects that are most prevalent in your life. 


Because we are here for you so you can be here for yourself! We listen to you, provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and support you along your journey toward doing so. 


                         How the program works:


*Consultation Phone Call: 

-Here we discuss your needs, wants, expectations. You’ll learn more about our program, background and your coach to better determine if we’re the perfect fit for each other. 


*Intake Assessment

-don’t worry, it’s not graded, there are no wrong answers 


*Discovery Day Session 

-This is like an informal conversation where we get to know more about you and create a snapshot of where you are, your overall goals so that we can create your personalized action plan. 


*Personalized Action Plan

-This is your guide to walking into your best life! 


*Phone call, text message and e-mail access to your coach throughout your coaching “engagement” 


*Self Care Journal with daily tasks, affirmations and challenges (coming soon) 





What are you waiting for?!

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