Our Community Wellness Program

Royally Fit advocates being fit in every aspect of wellness and facilitates education, access and resources. People need to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy in order to live their most balanced lives. Royally Fit achieves this through education, access, coaching and connections specifically targeting historically and disproportionately disadvantaged communities. 


Pittsburgh No cost community wellness program


Tackling core issues of food insecurity, inequitable access to health screenings and fitness training, inadequate mental, emotional and financial wellness support, Royally Fit’s 12 week community wellness program operates in a mobile manner, at no cost to the communities they serve. 


This Community Wellness program is crucial for the city of Pittsburgh, especially for our city’s historically disadvantaged Black and Brown Communities. While Pittsburgh has been deemed the Most Livable City in America for several consecutive years, it also has a long standing history of segregation and racism which has been amplified, especially over the last year. 

Published last September by the City of Pittsburgh’s Gender and Equity Commission, Pittsburgh’s Inequality Across Gender and Race Report illustrated just how staunchly disproportionate life is for Black residents in this city. 

A few short months later, Pittsburgh found itself in a State of Emergency due to COVID-19, another situation that highlighted the lack of resources existent within Black and Brown Communities. In historically Black areas such as Homewood, where there are no grocery stores, no convenience stores, a single rundown clinic and a limited gym, residents struggled to survive during the 18 month quarantine. 

If one also considers the consistent trend of police brutality, even here in the Steel City, the picture of life for Black Pittsburghers is bleak at best. All of these ingredients have allowed for the perfect storm, driving particularly, young Black residents out of the city in droves.

As Pittsburgh is striving to advance and become a metropolis of the East Coast, it is crucial that the culture of the city changes as well. It is oxymoronic to be making forward advancements in areas of medicine, technology and business while simultaneously driving out the very people that aided in building this city’s foundation, discouraging diversity. 

For more information, program specifics and how you can become involved, please click on the appropriate area of focus below. 

Nutritional Wellness includes Farm to Table Workshops and a Food Forest Initiative. 

Mental/Emotional Wellness includes Art Therapy, Breathwork and Journaling workshops. 

Physical Wellness includes health screenings, fitness challenges, family friendly activities; This includes an emphasis on sexual wellness.

Financial Wellness includes basic money and savings management education, credit repair. (Coming Soon) 

Maternal/Fetal Wellness: Coming Soon

Some of the Things We’ve Been Up To: