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Wife, Mother, Friend, Cheerleader


Overwhelmed, constantly busy, no motivation, energy is non-existent, life is moving forward with no little direction at all...does this sound like you?! 

Trust me, I’ve been there! 

But just because that’s what life looks like today, doesn’t mean it has to remain that way! 

I wasn’t always the pleasant, upbeat, energetic wife and mother that I am today. I used to wake up, exhausted from the day before I even got out of bed. I yelled at my children more than I’d like to admit, wasn’t the best partner in my marriage and certainly wasn’t taking time for my overall wellness...until one day I began to choose me and my whole family flourished for it! 

Although my life isn’t perfect, I love each day that I am fortunate enough to see!

What makes me an expert?

Holistic Health & Healing are my life’s work!

As a student athlete, growing up in a family of athletes, living an active lifestyle was always second nature to me. I began prioritizing my nutritional wellness at the early age of 17 when I initially adopted a lifestyle of vegetarianism. My commitment continued to grow with the acquisition of my first “big girl” job, during my senior year of high school at The East End Food Co-op, a natural and alternative food store. Around this same time my search for myself led me inward as I adopted the practice of yoga. 

A few years later, as a young teacher, I used mindfulness, meditation and Restorative Justice practices in my classroom in lieu of traditional discipline to encourage students to take ownership of their actions and behaviors with great success! 

Now as a full time coach, I am able to marry my experience, education and passion to ensure my clients get the priority they deserve in order to help them live their best lives!  


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