Healing Circles

Outdoor Holistic Healing Circle

Join Royally Fit and One Centered Life for our Holistic Healing Circles!

We meet at noon, rotating locations,for Guided Meditation to set our intentions, Soul Stretching to open us up and encourage relaxation, allowing us to lean into our healing. Next, we will have the Opportunity for Oneness, independent time to sit with yourself, reflect and work on whichever aspects of yourself you deem most fit. As each person’s experiences and subsequent healing are unique to them, the activity(ies) for which each participant chooses to partake and the amount of time allotted are up to personal discretion. 

         Suggested activities include:


-tree hugging

-deep meditation

-re grounding 

-goal setting 

As we conclude our Opportunity for Oneness, there will be time for socialization and sharing! 

All participants who attend must agree to: 

-be open to healing 

-be respectful of each other and the shared space

-be courteous to all attendants regardless of differences

-be compassionate towards each other

-be gentle with ourselves 

Please be advised, as we are in a park setting, there is no guarantee of available chairs or traditional seating. The Healing Circle will be held in a seated position on the ground and will take place rain or shine, please consider this when planning to participate. 


What to bring: 


-Yoga mat

-Hand Sanitizer


*Essential Oils, Crystals and other Holistic Healing products will be available on site for purchasing*