Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for medicinal uses and to naturally improve overall well-being. 

While they are more recently beginning to gain popularity among Western cultures, aromatherapy has been practiced for centuries around the world. 

Recognizing the amazing ways in which aromatherapy aids holistic health, we have carefully selected the most appropriate essential oils based on their complementary properties, hand blending them in small batches to ensure proper ratios and dilution. 


For the management of basic ailments, we have created Relief Rollers, pre-diluted, travel sized essential oils purposed to aid in symptom suppression.

Headache Healer Aromatherapy Topical Relief Roller

The Relief Rollers come in a variety of blends including Headache Healer, which was specially blended for those that suffer from mild headaches to chronic migraines. This tried and true blend has been tweaked, tested and perfected over the years by our very own CEO, due to her chronic migraines. Ditch the pills and roll your pain away with our Headache Healer Relief Roller! 


Bye Bacteria Aromatherapy Topical Relief Roller

Bye Bacteria is an all-in-one first aid kit as it contains antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. Perfect for the busy mom, babysitter or person on the go, simply apply to your ailment and let the healing begin! 


Awaken Aromatherapy Topical Relief Roller

Awaken ideal for the days when you just can’t pull yourself out of bed and the coffee just won’t do it. Our essential oil roller will provide you that extra boost of energy and mental clarity to get the day started! 


Keep Calm Aromatherapy Topical Relief Roller

Keep Calm was blended to aid in stress and tension relief, to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as promote a sense of restfulness. Everyone needs this relief roller!

Breathe Again, whether it's cold and flu season or your allergies are attacking, this is the blend for you! Providing respiratory support and re-opening airways, this relief roller does exact what its name purports, allows you to Breathe Again. 

Another fantastic benefit of Aromatherapy is its ability to ease symptoms of common mental woes such as stress, anxiety and depression. 


According to the American Botanical Council, when used correctly, aromatherapy has the ability to naturally enhance dopamine receptor activity, GABA neurotransmission and act as cholinergic inhibitors which in turn result in their antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant effects. Additionally, they credit essential oils for their ability to reduce both acute and chronic pain, abilities to reverse spatial learning deficits, reduce blood pressure and heart rate.