Aquene Watkins-Wise, CAO


Chief Advocating Officer of Royally Fit, Aquene Watkins-Wise relishes the opportunity to serve her community, facilitating wellness, growth and healing. As a teenager, Aquene began a holistic health apprenticeship of sorts, working at the East End Food Coop, exploring alternative lifestyle supports. It was here where she truly found her passion for holistic wellness while she funded her college education. During her collegiate career, Watkins-Wise took a legal class where she learned that the number of prison beds needed is estimated based on third and fourth grade reading and math scores; at that moment, Aquene knew it was her obligation to be an agent of change, working for her community’s betterment. 

Having spent the last 6 years working as a teacher, Aquene has used her classroom as an incubator for change where she daily chanted the mantra “I can and must make a difference in my world,” with her high school students; a phrase shared with Watkins-Wise during from her first teaching position with The Children’s Defense Fund. Embodying that mantra through her business, Royally Fit has developed a mobile wellness program providing education, access and resources to historically disadvantaged Black and Brown communities. Additionally, Aquene serves as a Small Business Mentor assisting other entrepreneurs in foundational work which will allow them to bring their business dreams to life. 

Aquene is a proud wife to a U.S. Air Force Veteran, mother of 3 young children, extreme couponer and shark enthusiast.