Keep Calm Aromatherapy Relief Roller


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Relief Rollers are a mess-free, care-free, aromatherapy solution for when you're on the go!
Our Keep Calm Aromatherapy Topical Relief Roller is specially formulated to reduce the feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, induce a state of relaxation and calm the mind.
These ready to use Essential Oil aromatherapy rollers are easy and perfect for traveling. To use, remove the lid and apply the roller to the back of your ears, pulse points, neck, temples or simply inhale to induce aromatic effects.
Keep Calm Aromatherapy Topical Relief Rollers are pre-diluted for the safety of use. 
Carry these with you to provide holistic healing no matter where you are!! 

*Blends primarily contain almond oil, however, we do have limited quantities of Relief Rollers that are blended with coconut oil for those with aversions to almonds.*

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Narvaez Manns
Love, Love, Love

I absolutely love this roller! With the stress of every day life, small business ownership and worries about Covid this product has helped me take a moment to stop and smell the calm. It is the perfect size to keep in your back pocket so you can have it with you at all times. I'm a huge fan!


I absolutely LOVE the Keep Calm Relief Roller! I keep it on my desk and it soothes me throughout the day.

Gina Winstead

I love the smell of lavender and this relief roller really hits some mark.