The Story Behind Royally Fit

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Established out of a growing necessity for health and wellness resources, Royally Fit was originally a personal training and meal planning service. 

Our founder, Domenique Watkins-Wise, Sr. is a service-disabled veteran who served 8 ½ years in the United States Air Force. During his military career, Dom deployed numerous times, leaving his family behind in the States. As you can imagine, deployments are not only physically challenging but also mentally and emotionally draining. In order to work through these challenges, Dom turned to the gym where he would let out all of his frustrations. Before he knew it, he was no longer the skinny kid who enlisted right out of high school but had grown into a fitness fanatic which resulted in others turning to him for guidance.

“People think having muscles and a strong physique is all about genetics. I’m the prime example showing that’s not always the case. If you work hard and are disciplined both in the kitchen and the gym, you build the body you want.” 



The go-to-guy on his military base as well as for family and friends, Mr. Watkins-Wise sought his NASM certificate in order to provide people with science and evidence based approaches to fitness; obtaining this certification only further piqued the interest of others in working with him and so the business was born. 

While the business was growing, so was the Watkins-Wise family! 

When Dom’s wife, Aquene, became pregnant with their 3rd child, the decision was made to leave Ohio, where Dom had most recently been stationed and return home to Pennsylvania so they could have more familial support. This also meant losing all of their personal training clients and beginning from ground zero all over again. For Aquene, it was also clear that returning to her career as a High School Teacher may not be the most feasible. 

Alternative health and wellness had always been a passion of Aquene’s so with the possibility of not teaching anymore, she started to explore ways to incorporate her interests into the business.

“She really is a modern day hippie,” Dom joked. “I mean our kitchen counter has always been filled with jars of herbs and she’s good for whipping up some kind of concoction to aid our kids no matter what their ailment.”

But Aquene thought she was doing what mothers do, finding ways to care for their family. It wasn’t until she shared a bottle of Peaceful Pillow Spray with her mentor, Trish of Paramount Pursuits, that products even became a consideration for Royally Fit. 

“I handed Trish the bottle and once she smelled it, she immediately questioned why I wasn’t selling it to other people. Honestly, I’d never really thought about it! I just wanted my kids to fall asleep faster at night but Trish’s question really got me thinking,” Aquene admitted. 

Aquene met with Trish a few more times, sharing other products she was making for her family, like the Headache Healer, Rose Revival Serum, Bright Eyes Roller and Breathe Again Balm. Trish and Aquene made a plan to incorporate these into the business, expanding Royally Fit into a full scale wellness brand. 

But Aquene wasn’t yet satisfied with her role in the business yet. As an educator, she strongly believes in the notion that she “can and must make a difference,” and was determined to incorporate that into Royally Fit some way or another. Recognizing the needs of Black and Brown neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, Aquene utilized her experience as a teacher to develop our mobile Community Wellness Program, providing health and wellness resources at no cost to participants. “The most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur for me is the impact I’m able to have on my community,” said Aquene. 

A fully operational Wellness brand, Royally Fit now uses 100% of the profits generated from the sale of their products to continue their Community Wellness Program for free in neighborhoods that need it the most. 

Now that’s a cause we can all support, don’t you agree? 

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